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Motion Elevator Corporation offers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week on-call Emergency Elevator Services for elevators and wheelchair lifts for both commercial and residential customers. If you have a serious elevator emergency or an urgent issue, you simply have to call 855-600-1206, any time day or night, and trust that our professional elevator services team will be ready to put the problem right.
Emergency Elevator Servicing Boston
Emergency Elevator Repairs Boston
Emergency Elevator Repairing Boston
Our thoroughly trained, knowledgeable, and licensed technicians shine in emergency situations, working tirelessly and efficiently to get your machinery up and running with the least delay. Once we’ve determined the source of the breakdown, the Motion Elevator Corporation team works to fix it quickly, but safely, so that you won’t have to worry about repeated incidents. Following this, we’ll conduct careful inspections to ensure your elevator or other mobility equipment are back to normal and safe working order.

In case of Emergency call Motion Elevator Corporation at 855-600-1206

Commercial Emergency
Elevator Services

The safety of our customers is Motion Elevator Corporation’s absolute priority and we understand that your business operates the same way. Elevator breakdowns can also cause major disruption for your business, which is why if such an event happens you need a team to identify and deal with the issue(s) quickly, allowing you to get back on track as soon as possible. Our trained technicians work quickly yet properly, never sacrificing safety yet still working efficiently. After the emergency servicing we’ll keep up with thorough inspections to ensure no further errors.

With Motion Elevator Corporation's emergency assistance, your tenants and clients can feel doubly safe when riding in an elevator or vehicle platform lift. We offer emergency assistance for all properties we work on, including hospitals, offices, apartment buildings, and more.

Residential Emergency
Elevator Services

When you invest in an elevator or vertical platform lift from Motion Elevator Corporation, you trust us to have the best products, the best staff, and the best service – that trust doesn’t stop when it comes to an emergency breakdown. You can rely on us to take care of your family’s safety not just through regular servicing but with emergency help too.

General Elevator Servicing, Maintenance & Repair

Motion Elevator Corporation not only offers emergency assistance but general servicing as well. For residential customers, Motion Elevator Corporation offers servicing at your convenience to help your elevator, wheelchair lift, and/or dumbwaiter run as smoothly as possible. For commercial clients, Motion Elevator Corporation offers contract options which can be tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we’re prepared to assist with state inspections, even contacting inspectors on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

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Count on Motion Elevator Corporation for Expert Emergency Assistance

There’s never a good time for a breakdown. If your elevator or vertical platform lift ever experiences a breakdown, something which was previously immensely useful then becomes a source of frustration leaving your family or business in the lurch. Such an event can be disruptive and frightening for all involved but rest assured Motion Elevator Corporation will diffuse the situation with fast, effective emergency repairs. You can feel comfortable having users of all ages and abilities ride in your elevator or wheelchair lift knowing that if anything goes wrong, we’ll step in and make the necessary emergency repairs without delay.

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For more information on Motion Elevator Corporation’s emergency elevator servicing process, or to hear about our general servicing options for commercial and residential clients, contact us by submitting the callback form and a team member will get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions both current and potential clients may have.




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