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Commercial inspection and certification services
Boston, Massachusetts

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As with everything we offer, Motion Elevator Corporation’s Boston commercial elevator inspection and certification services are available to make your life easier. In each project we undertake we are pleased to work with you, your property manager, or another representative to get the job done with the least possible disturbance. By selecting us to handle your elevator’s state requirements you can focus on your business without fear over failed machinery codes or missed inspection appointments.

To arrange for a service or ask any questions you may have, contact us today by phone at 855-600-1206, by email at, or through the easy contact form below. We would be happy to help!

Commercial elevator inspection and certification boston

It’s no surprise that your elevator must undergo regular inspections to ensure it is completely up to code. While these periodic examinations are extremely important for safety reasons and serve to protect you and your customers, arranging inspections can be a serious source of stress for business owners and property managers. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork and scheduling requirements, allow Motion Elevator Corporation to take this burden off of your plate!

Our Boston commercial elevator services are by no means limited to installation - we offer commercial Boston elevator inspection and certification services you can trust to be carried out on schedule for the important annual state inspection, saving you time, worry, and hassle. In fact, we even reach out to the state inspector on your behalf!

To make the process even easier, consider our Boston commercial maintenance and repair services as well.

Commercial Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services Boston

Motion Elevator Corporation’s service contracts will allow you to keep your commercial Boston elevator up to regulations and running with the utmost efficiency. In our work, we consider your perspective and respect your time - no one likes to be kept waiting for hours on end for costly repair and maintenance services! That’s why we’re proud to work with highly skilled technicians who will make your elevator machinery function smoothly without causing unnecessary delay.

Additional Elevator Services in Boston, MA

from Motion Elevator Corporation

Commercial Emergency Elevator Services Boston

In the unexpected event of a breakdown or fault, you can call on the Motion Elevator Corporation team for expert commercial Boston elevator emergency services. Because of our years in the business, we have experience with a wide range of events and are adept at quickly identifying and resolving any trouble your business’ elevator may have. We are available 24/7 and will respond to requests as fast as possible. Click on the picture of the workman to read further about our Boston commercial elevator emergency services now.

Commercial Elevator Modernization Boston

If you would like to improve the capabilities of an in-use elevator or bring an old one back to life, we can help with Boston commercial elevator modernization. During the process, we upgrade your machinery so it is in line with the latest equipment and safety standards. Additionally, you may choose new styling which reflects the aesthetic of your choice. Click on the photo of the modern elevators to see our full range of commercial services.

Trust Motion Elevator Corporation To Be Your Elevator Team

We know how much you care about the safety of your customers and employees and appreciate the level of trust it takes to choose an elevator team. Motion Elevator Corporation honors that trust with friendly, reliable, and affordable elevator assistance you can count on. We also believe in full transparency, so our workers will guide you through the entire project process from start to finish.

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