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Just as the other features of your home or business eventually become outdated, so do elevators. But aging elevators don’t only look a little old, they are more prone to slowness and breakdowns. Modernization can completely change your elevator by making it smoother, faster, safer, more energy-efficient, and potentially even more stylish. During modernization, Motion Elevator Corporation’s trained technicians will replace or update elements like the controller equipment, general motors, interior aesthetics, and wiring. By doing this, you improve the experience of those riding in the elevator while also giving your property more value and appeal for the future. Motion Elevator Corporation is pleased to offer these benefits to customers through our commercial Boston elevator modernization services and residential Boston elevator modernization services.

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Commercial Elevator Modernization Boston

Slow elevators leave a bad impression on customers and tenants and create opportunities for liability over breakdowns. Motion Elevator Corporation can serve business owners with Boston commercial elevator modernization to improve your elevator’s efficiency, decrease liability, and improve overall client experience. We offer commercial elevator modernization for office buildings, condos, college dormitories, apartment buildings, hospitals, restaurants, and more. Whatever your building type, expect the best service and the least delay when you choose modernization from Motion Elevator Corporation.

Residential Elevator Modernization Boston

Boston residential elevator modernization from Motion Elevator Corporation can turn your old, clunky elevator into a sparkling example of machinery which runs like new. During modernization, our crew will make sure to cause as little disruption as possible for you and your family and get the job done as quickly as we can. We know how important your elevator is and will put in the effort to make it function better than ever so you can ride in it with pride and ease once again.

Boston Commercial and Residential Elevator Customization​

Modernization is about more than just the technical side of an elevator. Many old elevators have designs that deteriorated in quality over the years, often because they were exposed to quite a bit of wear and tear. Or, perhaps you simply don’t like the previous look and want to change it to suit your own personal taste. We can help! Motion Elevator Corporation's modernization provides a welcome opportunity for a fresh style update, in both Boston commercial elevator customization and Boston residential elevator customization. Motion Elevator Corporation can change and customize your elevator’s style to reflect a clean, modern aesthetic, rustic shabby-chic look, or something else that you may prefer.

Additional Elevator Services in Boston, MA

from Motion Elevator Corporation

Boston Commercial Elevator Installation and Replacement

In additional to elevator modernization services, Motion Elevator Corporation offers commercial elevator installation and commercial elevator replacement services in and around the Boston area. If your business is in need of a commercial use elevator or the existing elevator in your commercial building needs to be completely replaced, talk to Motion Elevator Corporation. Some vintage elevators in older buildings aren't good candidates for modernization, in those cases a complete commercial elevator replacement may be the best option for your building.

Boston Residential Elevator Installation and Replacement

Like many of the older buildings in the Boston area, some older home may have vintage elevators that just aren't right for modernization. Whether it's due to size or configuration, if the elevator in your home needs to be replaced, you can turn to Motion Elevator Corporation for affordable, top-quality residential elevator services. For homeowners interested in a brand new installation, our residential elevator installation services offer greater mobility, ease of access and the ability to move safely between the floors of your home. Call 855-600-1206 to learn more.

Motion Elevator Corporation is Trusted by Business Owners, Homeowners, and Property Managers for Elevator Modernization Boston

Throughout a decade of business, Motion Elevator Corporation has enjoyed developing trusting relationships with a wide variety of clients including business owners, homeowners, and property managers. Whether you need Boston commercial elevator modernization, residential elevator modernization Boston, or another service entirely, we are here for you!

To contact us for more information about our work or to schedule your elevator update, please call us at 855-600-1206, email us at, or simply use the form below. We'd be happy to speak with you.

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